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Intuitive Life Coach and Consciousness Facilitator

Hey there I’m Lisa.  I help people find happiness to live the life they desire.


Lisa Bell

 I love helping people get happy by reading their energy and clearing their blocks. My intention is to encourage people to follow their hearts and provide support for the body, mind, and spiritual well-being.

I have coached thousands of people over the last six years, both one-on-one and in group coaching programs. I love witnessing client’s ‘aha’ moments and big shifts.

 I love using my gifts, to help you open yours and have a range of tools to assist you in living an empowered life. I look forward to connecting with you. Read more about Lisa

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I recently asked Lisa to do a remote reading for me on some blocks I was having on manifesting money. I am so grateful and thankful I did. Lisa’s feedback was spot on. She identified some core beliefs I held, at what age I took those beliefs on and whether it was my energy or someone else’s like mum’s or dad’s where I was influenced by what they thought about money. Lisa was very specific and accurate. Lisa also described the colours I normally work with around my heart, gave me some homework to help clear the blocks and some really powerful ‘what would it take’ statements to attract what I was asking for. I felt strong energetic shifts in my heart and my body as I read her feedback. It felt totally gift wrapped in love. I am not someone who recommends healers or intuitives unless I believe they are authentic and I can tell you from my experience that Lisa is 100% gifted. I would recommend Whispers of the Heart to anyone that needs a little divine support in their lives.

Deborah, Sydney

Reclaiming My Power!
My session with Lisa was life-changing. I had been working on letting go of old unhealthy relationships with only some success when I came upon Lisa. Her guidance made all the difference in the world. Her coaching techniques led me to some emotional attachments I unknowingly was still holding on to. She guided me in holding a space of love while I released all the disempowering beliefs and emotions around the people draining my energy. This coaching session helped me reclaim my power and left me feeling uplifted, free and full of vitality. I feel blessed that I discovered Lisa and I would highly recommend her as a coach.

Patti, Brunswick, OH

I’ve consulted with Lisa across a range of personal and professional circumstances over the last 18 months. Her responses were lucid, relevant and helpful to the issues under consideration. Lisa speaks with authority and often offers further interpretations to allow distinctions on the subtleties of the messages she is working with. Lisa was always open to further questions.

Michael, Adelaide

Lovely Lisa!! She’s great. I highly recommend to all others. Thanks again.

Vivienne, New Zealand

Lisa is not only psychic but she’s also an empath, which means she knows exactly what you truly desire… She opened my heart and reconnected me to my authentic self and all of the healings brought me abundance in all areas of my life. I am every day grateful that I found her.

Stephanie E.Lawyer, Paris

Big thanks to Lisa for a session on Friday on top of an amazing coaching call on Wednesday. That was just icing on the cake. Amazing breakthroughs!   

Manca G, Slovenia