Have you ever felt chaotic when you went out into the “world”?!

I was driving to work one day and felt absolutely chaotic!

At that moment I decided to take my awareness inside myself and sense what was going on for me. I was calm! How cool was that?

So I was sensing and picking up all the thoughts and feelings of other people. I was being a psychic radar.

For a great deal of my life, I had gone around picking up other people’s emotions and thoughts believing that they were my own. I wondered why I felt so off balance, and then tried to fix them believing they were my own… Except I found out it’s impossible to fix emotions and feelings that weren’t even mine! You can’t fix a problem that isn’t yours, you can’t change a feeling, emotion, or a thought that isn’t yours.

In a funny way, I was trying to heal the world through my body. Not a smart thing to do … my friends. Next time you feel a whole bunch of feelings, emotions, take your awareness inside yourself and see what happens.

Is it yours or someone else’s?