Love is the most needed vibration in the universe right now. Everything vibrates, everything is energy.

We live in a multidimensional universe of holographic etheric fields, fields upon fields of subtle vibrational forces.

Have you ever felt and sensed things you can’t explain? You maybe intuitively picking up on energies.

You have a unique energy vibration. Everyone does.

So what, if you vibrating at the energy level of love, invites others to do the same? You were the invitation for others to raise their vibration.

What is love though? How many versions of love are there? Many people have different meanings for that very word. They have downloaded from parents, peers, society, TV and magazines that love means that you would do anything for a person, it can be abusive, controlling, overdoing, putting people before your own desires, drama and trauma. Your very own soap opera!

How many programs, beliefs and ideas, are downloaded, usually before the age of 7 of what love means?

To get love and be loved I have to ____________ fill in the blank.

How many people received unconditional love, acceptance, understanding and compassion?

Were you ever taught self-love? Did you leave yourself out of the equation when ‘loving’ others? There is no separation in love. Love includes the true individuality of each of us.

What if you were the one person in your family, neighbourhood, school or workplace that could create the most amount of change? What if you were willing to love yourself despite others viewpoints, programs, ideas, conditioning and reality, of how your life should be? What if you created your reality according to how you wished to live your life, as a true expression of loving yourself?

What would it take to make new choices filled with loving kindness to you? What if choices were made from love not fear?

Famous last words …Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.