What if your life purpose was to be YOU and BE happy?

Lisa Bell Intuitive Life Coach

Intuitive Coach for Christie Marie Sheldon’s abundance and intuitive programs

As a child, I was highly sensitive to energy.
I knew what often people did and what I knew to be the truth were different.
I didn’t have the language around it when I was a child. However, now I know what I was intuitively sensing was energy.
My life was pretty messy, for a very long time. I never felt “normal” and when I got desperate I would pray for guidance. Something had to change!
My guidance –
start showing up in the world as YOU!
Its taken a while, I worked on my stuff and started to use my awareness to do intuitive readings for my friends and family. I channelled messages, I cleared people’s energy fields and coached people in areas of their life they wanted help with.


Reiki Master in the Usui and Tibetan System,

Diploma in Counselling (CHC517012),

Certificate in Mediumship,

Certified Angel Card Reader,

Intuitive Life Coach Training with Christie Marie Sheldon, and

Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner


Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors  

Have you ever felt a little weird, different, ‘not normal’ or like you just don’t fit in?

Like you are seeking home and comfort? Perhaps you have people around you that love you but you just don’t feel it? I can help you get to that place where you actually feel the comfort you always wanted.

What if not fitting in with this reality meant you were super, special and talented and you have amazing gifts to give the world.

I can show you what the gifts are and how to open them.