Creating your reality, or defined by someone else’s?

If you were creating your reality what would you choose? If you were choosing your reality, beyond the definitions and the limitations of this reality what would you like to have, be and do? We are conditioned to look through definition in this reality. This is what it means to be a daughter, son, a […]

A conscious choice, an experiment with love

Recently, I decided to make a conscious choice… in each moment to be in the energy of love. Be in the flow of love. Wow, so much cool stuff showed up – my life flowed, synchronicities occurred and opportunities were offered… I love this vibe!! When stuff showed up, that I didn’t prefer, I just […]

Sensitive to energies? Intuitive You

Have you ever: walked into a room shopping mall walked through the front door of your home met up with friends and have an energy funk? Suddenly, your life battery has been drained and you don’t really get why? Have you ever been told your too sensitive, too intense, too much of anything? Well my […]