Creating your reality, or defined by someone else’s?

If you were creating your reality what would you choose?

If you were choosing your reality, beyond the definitions and the limitations of this reality what would you like to have, be and do?

We are conditioned to look through definition in this reality. This is what it means to be a daughter, son, a good parent, a bad parent etc. When we define ourselves as something, for example, a good mum then we take on all the definitions of what a good mum is. Definitions from society, our parents, our peers, ourselves, the worldview of a ‘good mum’.

How many definitions are you using to play out the patterns you are choosing?

Sometimes its great to get an awareness, of what could be occurring in your life. Sometimes, I stop and ask myself, am I catering or filling a need or obligation, or am I doing this from choice? I realized choice makes me get happier, need or obligation made me feel crunchy and contracted.

Asking questions can open up your awareness to the multitude of possibilities that are available to create the life your way.

Are you choosing this reality or yours?

What would you choose if nothing could limit you?

What would it take for you to give yourself permission to have all that you desire?

What would it be like to lovingly and powerfully occupy and be in all of your space as you fully own your reality?

What would it be like to make choices which align with who and what you desire in moving forward?

A conscious choice, an experiment with love

Recently, I decided to make a conscious choice… in each moment to be in the energy of love.

Be in the flow of love.

Wow, so much cool stuff showed up – my life flowed, synchronicities occurred and opportunities were offered… I love this vibe!!

When stuff showed up, that I didn’t prefer, I just made a choice to add love and new possibilities occurred – it changed my perspective.

It’s a matter of thinking of something you love and directing it towards something else. This is how you can do it – Think of something you love! It could be your favourite pet, your partner, the beach, your children, having a bath, painting or exercising – whatever rocks your boat. Then imagine you are doing that, imagine how you feel, what you sense, how your body feels, what do you see, what do you taste. Get that feeling and then say to yourself – I love, I love, I love. Really get the sense of that inside you. It could take some practice as often we are operating from lower vibes such as anger, fear and survival energy.

Keep going, it can be fun, if you choose!

Once you feel the love energy in your body, imagine projecting that love energy into your day and what you are doing now. Think I love, I love, I love. You can think of your car and feel so much gratitude and love for it keeping you safe and getting to where you need to go. You can think of being stuck in traffic on the way to work and think I love, I love, I love.

This is so cool, I get to choose how I feel about this. Seriously it works, and it’s just a choice.

Anytime I feel a sneaky fear feeling coming up at any given moment, I choose to turn toward the energy of love, and have that energy guide my actions. I can feel that it is becoming my natural state.

Anytime you feel low vibe energy, go back to imagining your scene of love and say to yourself I love, I love, I love.
This is what has happened for me:

  • My son received free doctor treatment that usually costs around $500;
  • I attended an appointment with my son in a place I have never been before. The receptionist came out and greeted me with such joy. It turned out that she was a former client who I helped begin her healing journey. She told me she couldn’t find the words to express how grateful to have met me and how it changed her life;
  • I went for an interview, and within an hour I was offered the job; and
  • My younger son opens my car door for me so I can get out and closes it behind me – I know it’s the little things right!

Those are just a few of the lovely things that have occurred.

Love gets reflected right on back at you!

Sensitive to energies? Intuitive You

Have you ever:
walked into a room
shopping mall
walked through the front door of your home
met up with friends
and have an energy funk?

Suddenly, your life battery has been drained and you don’t really get why?
Have you ever been told your too sensitive, too intense, too much of anything?

Well my friend, have you considered that you may be an empath. Does your body try to heal people around you? Do you suck up other people’s energy and then think something is wrong with you?

Have you considered or been told you are an empath? I was told by a healer that empaths have the hardest time in this reality. What if that wasn’t true for you? What if it is a gift! To know what is up in the world with people and to be able to make aware choices such as who to hang out with or where to go.

As a child, I was ‘too sensitive’. I didn’t even know what that meant. I now know that what I was acting out and processing for others was all the thoughts and emotions that no-one was owning up to. I was expressing what they repressed.
One of the greatest gifts that I would have loved to have as a child were tools to help me move through the energy stuff. I used to go into overwhelm when all these feelings and emotions were floating around. If I had been told to start asking questions such as: Who does this belong to? Get the awareness. Then return to sender.

Wouldn’t it be great to just have the awareness… For example: wow, mum is such a crab apple at the moment.

Are you distracted by trying to heal other people’s emotions, the worlds woes etc and then not actually being who you came here to be? Doing what you love?

So try it out, Who does this belong to? Get the awareness and return to sender.

Allowance – Nurturing and care of a cherry tree

Today we chose a dwarf cherry tree to come home with us.

Witnessing love as an action could be the way to describe the awareness and delicious intensity of the nursery guy who took care of our purchase.

His interaction with the tree was energy, space and consciousness, personified in every moment. He got out his secateurs and carefully pruned off branches that were necessary for the budding of new life for the tree, he explained how to care for our new addition, all the while he was caressing, nurturing and nourishing the very core of this little tree with his very being.

It was pleasurable to watch this guy lay the foundation for a beautiful life for this tree.

I was captivated.

Imagine loving as an action… rather than I love.

I wonder how much more freedom that would create?

Anxious? Experience an energy shift – woohoo

I love how we can choose to shift energy and how this shows up so quickly 🎁.
I had a call from the school, lol, well actually the lady at the front office .. advising that my son said he was feeling like he was going to throw up.
‘Okay’, I said. ‘Can I ask you a question’? ‘Is the house captain speeches on today?’ ‘Yes they are’ the lady replied. I said ‘Could you keep my son at school?’. I know what this is … and explained what I was sensing.
I could feel my sons anxiety and most likely he was processing everyone else’s emotions – god bless him.
Now none of you do that do you? 😉

The lady advised she would get the deputy principal to support my son and I requested that in this support he called the anxiety out. Of course if he was sick I was happy to collect him.

We hung up and I could feel the anxiety .. I said to myself .. the universe .. God .. whoever was listening really.. ‘What energy, space and consciousness can I be to hold the space for my son to deliver his speech with ease?’
I added “What energy, space and consciousness can my son be to deliver his speech with ease, joy and have so much fun that he laughs about it?’

I did this till I felt the anxiety fall away – it took about five minutes tops!!

I met my son after school and this is what happened.

1. He ran out of school with a huge grin on his face and said mum I nailed the speech.
2. He read the speech to me with enthusiasm
3. The next day he was elected HOUSE CAPTAIN.

Woohoo .. I am so grateful


Hello lovelies

What if your intensity is what makes you truly uniquely you?

Throughout my childhood I was told to stop being ‘so intense’ to calm down .. Please, please, please would you just fit into the requirements, for goodness sake, for this reality. I’m going to use an analogy here, I was the square peg and this reality was the round hole. It was tough being ‘intense’, I had to hold it in, I couldn’t spew forth my creativity my beingness and explore who I really was, that made me unique.

Actually, was it tougher being intense, or was it tougher holding it in? Mainstream schooling didn’t help me either, learning a curriculum, so that we are all compared to see if we were ‘at the same level’, some brighter, some not, but measured against some ideal that this was what mattered – to fit us all into the round hole, otherwise we would be uncontrollable! I was taught it was safer to follow the herd 🐮.

Through all that, I decided I was a ‘wrongness’. Gosh, I must be, everyone must be right, and whatever, I had going on was completely unacceptable. The intensity, the awareness, yep, my conclusion. I am wrong.

So I pretty much shut down parts of myself, divorced them, tucked them into little parts of the universe where they were safe and well cared for. I was pretty much living my life by the rules, of everyone else’s reality. It was a pretty chaotic, way to live. People can be unpredictable and I was at the mercy of others realities. What the heck?

Eventually, I got depression… The way, I handled the depression, to cut off more of my awareness, I took anti-depressants.
Man, did I make some interesting choices, based, mostly on trying to be unaware, pushing down the intensity, to fit in, destructive creativity I called it.

As I grew in awareness, consciousness, the band-aid (antidepressants) came unstuck and it was harder to stick it back on. Really, I didn’t want to. I wanted to be the intensity that I truly am. There was a little part of me that would go there is more, there is more, pushing, pushing me, under all the unconsciousness I created, it was seeping out… Messages from source, God, Angels perhaps?

Me wanting to be actually well me… I am no longer on anti-depressants.

I am so inspired by people’s intensity, stepping into, owning and loving their uniqueness.

What a celebration Prince is in his intensity. He showed up in the world, as a creator being in a body. I was so taken by his love and commitment to all that he is, what a role model, a trailblazer .. An inspiration to live completely who we are. There are many more …

If nothing was right, and nothing was wrong, everything was just a choice, What could get created? What could get created from intensity?

inside or outside you?

Have you ever felt chaotic when you went out into the “world”?!
I was driving to work one day and felt absolutely chaotic!
At that moment I decided to take my awareness inside myself and sense what was going on for me. I was calm! How cool was that?
So I was sensing and picking up all the thoughts and feelings of other people. I was being a psychic radar.

For a great deal of my life, I had gone around picking up other people’s emotions and thoughts believing that they were my own.

I wondered why I felt so off balance, and then tried to fix them believing they were my own… Except I found out it’s impossible to fix emotions and feelings that weren’t even mine! You can’t fix a problem that isn’t yours, you can’t change a feeling, emotion, or a thought that isn’t yours.
In a funny way, I was trying to heal the world through my body. Not a smart thing to do … my friends.

Next time you feel a whole bunch of feelings, emotions, take your awareness inside yourself and see what happens.

Is it yours or someone else’s?

The energy of a simple request to the universe.

I admit it…. I love this story.
One evening, I was sitting cross legged on my bed reading a book about connecting to Angels.
Signs from the Angels were one of the chapters and after reading it, I put the book down and thought to myself well… Hmmm… I am going to test this out. If this is true, you just ask for a sign that there are Angels and if the universe is conspiring to help me, well I will just ask for a sign. My request went something like this “Okay, if there are Angels, I want to see a white feather.” I visualized the white feather in my imagination. I put the book aside and went and made a cup of tea and forgot about my request.

The next afternoon, I went to collect my four year old son from pre-school. I walked across the road to the gate. My son, was in the playground with a friend and when he saw me he ran up to the gate and said “Mummy, mummy look what I found!”
He put both hands in his pockets and pulled out pockets of white feathers!

Love vibration and how it can change your life!

Inside or outside you?