Allowance – Nurturing and care of a cherry tree

Today we chose a dwarf cherry tree to come home with us. Witnessing love as an action could be the way to describe the awareness and delicious intensity of the nursery guy who took care of our purchase. His interaction with the tree was energy, space and consciousness, personified in every moment. He got out […]

Anxious? Experience an energy shift – woohoo

I love how we can choose to shift energy and how this shows up so quickly 🎁. I had a call from the school, lol, well actually the lady at the front office .. advising that my son said he was feeling like he was going to throw up. ‘Okay’, I said. ‘Can I ask […]


Hello lovelies What if your intensity is what makes you truly uniquely you? Throughout my childhood I was told to stop being ‘so intense’ to calm down .. Please, please, please would you just fit into the requirements, for goodness sake, for this reality. I’m going to use an analogy here, I was the square […]