Allowance – Nurturing and care of a cherry tree

Today we chose a dwarf cherry tree to come home with us.

Witnessing love as an action could be the way to describe the awareness and delicious intensity of the nursery guy who took care of our purchase.

His interaction with the tree was energy, space and consciousness, personified in every moment. He got out his secateurs and carefully pruned off branches that were necessary for the budding of new life for the tree, he explained how to care for our new addition, all the while he was caressing, nurturing and nourishing the very core of this little tree with his very being.

It was pleasurable to watch this guy lay the foundation for a beautiful life for this tree.

I was captivated.

Imagine loving as an action… rather than I love.

I wonder how much more freedom that would create?

inside or outside you?

Have you ever felt chaotic when you went out into the “world”?!
I was driving to work one day and felt absolutely chaotic!
At that moment I decided to take my awareness inside myself and sense what was going on for me. I was calm! How cool was that?
So I was sensing and picking up all the thoughts and feelings of other people. I was being a psychic radar.

For a great deal of my life, I had gone around picking up other people’s emotions and thoughts believing that they were my own.

I wondered why I felt so off balance, and then tried to fix them believing they were my own… Except I found out it’s impossible to fix emotions and feelings that weren’t even mine! You can’t fix a problem that isn’t yours, you can’t change a feeling, emotion, or a thought that isn’t yours.
In a funny way, I was trying to heal the world through my body. Not a smart thing to do … my friends.

Next time you feel a whole bunch of feelings, emotions, take your awareness inside yourself and see what happens.

Is it yours or someone else’s?