I help coach people to get what they want in life

Would you like to create a kick-arse life and get everything your heart desires?

Intuitive Life Coaching

Do you know you may have blocks to you getting what you want out of life?
These blocks can be beliefs, programs, patterns, stories, ideas, points of view you bought and sold to yourself that literally get in your way of creating what you actually want.
These blocks can remain unconscious but will show up in our behaviours, choices we make in our lives such as life partners and friends, achievements and goals.
I can help you clear your blocks and create a safe space for a new life.

Programming years
From 0-7 years old we are in our programming years.
These are the years where our brain is in Alpha and Theta brainwave pattern cycles. This means we are in a super learning state, programmed by our world and open to suggestion. Theta is the brainwave that stores long-term memory, so what happens is you download the world around you and it remains in your energy field.

Your universe
The world around you is usually your mum and dad, so you imprint their universe, to get love, and to learn how to be a “people” in this reality.
Now, this is pretty cool, if your parents were super conscious and aware. If they weren’t then you have just downloaded all their patterns and programs that may not serve you.
Then what happens, for example, 20,30,40 years later, your money doesn’t work for you, you’re stuck in a crappy relationship, you can’t meet the love of your life and you keep manifesting the crapola over and over again.

A coaching session is 50 minutes, where we will set an intention for the session.
We will do a process to connect to the light, expand your energy field, and I will use my psychic gifts to read your energy and use clearing statements, tools and techniques to unwind your blocks. You will also receive some home play with What Would It Take statements.
Book a session today if you would like to start choosing something else and manifest the life you really want.