The energy of a simple request to the universe.

I admit it…. I love this story.
One evening, I was sitting cross legged on my bed reading a book about connecting to Angels.
Signs from the Angels were one of the chapters and after reading it, I put the book down and thought to myself well… Hmmm… I am going to test this out. If this is true, you just ask for a sign that there are Angels and if the universe is conspiring to help me, well I will just ask for a sign. My request went something like this “Okay, if there are Angels, I want to see a white feather.” I visualized the white feather in my imagination. I put the book aside and went and made a cup of tea and forgot about my request.

The next afternoon, I went to collect my four year old son from pre-school. I walked across the road to the gate. My son, was in the playground with a friend and when he saw me he ran up to the gate and said “Mummy, mummy look what I found!”
He put both hands in his pockets and pulled out pockets of white feathers!