Talking with Children

Children love to be heard and understood ….as adults do.  Have you wondered why your children do not listen to you? I know I have, and the simple answer is that like attracts like… If we are not listening to our children how can we expect them to listen to us.   Parents can model regular honest and respectful communication, the kind of behaviour they would like from their children.  To begin well its pretty simple … Active listening – this is pretty much  eye contact, body language, ‘being heard’ and waiting till the other person has stopped talking before saying anything. The being heard gestures  such as nodding and appropriate facial expressions show that you are paying attention to a child in conversation. I tried the above points on so to speak and its been lovely  to see my child so animated and positive.  I felt closer to him and i could see that he felt really valued and heard.  Being mindful is key and not being distracted by the smaller things … After all we as parents are  assisting the launch of  beautiful souls into the world.

Next blog we will explore appropriate language:

Good communication with children is telling them what you want them to do, not what they have done wrong.



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