Talking with Children – Appropriate language

Appropriate Language means using language a child understands and giving them instructions that they are able to take in/comprehend. Language needs to be age appropriate.

Good communication with children is telling them what you want them to do, not what they have done wrong.

For example use short, simple and clear sentences such as ‘Please brush your hair’ or “Please walk in the house’.

The positive approach is always more successful then a negative one.

The goal in communication with a child is to state what we feel clearly, listen and get an outcome that is acceptable for both parties. This means that the child who we are communicating with feels okay about themselves and that we have not in any way destroyed their confidence or self-esteem.

Often children will feel judged or condemned when parents say hurtful things like “You never do….”. It is best to communicate with no emotion or value judgement.

This takes practice.

Communication with children must be done respectfully.

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