Credit card bites the dust

It took awhile, but hey, I’m open to new awareness…. Whenever it turns up.. This one was to do with money…

Every time I took out my little blue credit card, I went into unconsciousness, not the kind where you collapse .. The space of zoning out, completing the purchase in a place of  complete detachment.

Somewhere niggling at my conscious were the credit card masters, tapping on my  psyche, whispers of an energy depletion were getting little louder, a leak, enslaved to some future where I will have to pay the little bugger off!  It didn’t feel like fun. I felt trapped by this past expenditure I had still not paid.

So I chose to pay it off and decided to pay everything in cash. Gosh, what a different energy. 😀 I notice what I’m buying, really, I feel present, I now ask if I buy this would this be profitable for me? The best thing about just doing this is I have a sense of freedom, spaciousness and consciousness.. My energy is lighter.  I love freedom💗

Lisa Dzaja






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