Creating a real ity that fits for you

30101432I am an intuitive life coach and I help people fix the myriad of problems they have in their lives.

Most people have good intentions about having a good life but stuff happens and you don’t know how to fix it.

The reason people have life problems could be because

  •  they are blocking the good stuff in their life
  •  they have baggage from life
  • they have dilemmas with self-love.
  • they are not  actually creating their reality their way .

I am going to expand on creating a real ity that fits for you.. Have you ever shrunk yourself to fit into another’s reality or their version of you?

Like how you have to fit in, right?

You can’t be too successful, too smart, too amazing  .. Too you!

So  you walk around doing the “right ” thing .. trying to get people to love you, accept you so you get their approval … But you know something just doesn’t feel right. You literally divorce parts of you to be ‘normal’ or ‘okay’ Whatever that means!

The reason you may do this is because you pretty much download the world around you, particularly from age 0-7 when you are in a theta brainwave pattern. The download comes from your universe, so that’s your mum and dad, significant caregivers, teachers, siblings, TV – pretty much anything in your world.  Now my parents were good parents and they did the best they could, I’m not saying they weren’t. What happens  though so you feel safe and secure and get love you start acting out these patterns in your own life.

Living some else’s version of what your life should be .. like…  isn’t fun.  In a funny way, it’s like giving responsibility for your life to someone else.

The  GOOD NEWS  is you can change it! I was just like you .. I did just that..I can show you how.  I started hearing the Whispers of  my heart. My guides turned up the ‘Whispers ‘ so I could hear them as clear as a bell.

I identified all the sub conscious patterns, programmes, beliefs, points of view and projections that really didn’t work for me and used tools to clear them. I now have a really aware and happy life.

The Solution could be to work with me .  I have helped many people from all over the world create their own reality. I do a process where we connect to a higher vibrational energy, blow up all the sub conscious programmes, beliefs, points of view, judgements and patterns you have and then fill in with what you really want your universe to be like.


– get this resolved finally.

 – get tools to handle your life.

– You get the easy way to handle this because I can speed up the process.

– You save time money and energy.

– You get on with your life

Finally, I make it fun, did you know playfulness changes you more quickly, non judgement and laughter shifts the energy.


Follow your own  guidance

Be guided by love and take care of yourself

Put  yourself first

Empowerment comes from your heart

Many Blessings 

Lisa Dzaja x




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