What if.. 



Today was the day you decided that you would not entertain any more lower vibrational energies.

What if you decided not to entertain Mr Guilt , Mrs Doubt, Ms Shame, Mr Abandonment, Ms Depression or Mrs Anxiety  anymore.

What if  instead you called them out and said ‘hey Mr Guilt I know you! You are the one who tries to tell me that I am wrong, that I should have done things differently,  that if I hadn’t done what I did then I wouldn’t have anything to feel guilty about”.

“Oh hello Mrs Anxiety, once again trying to get me to believe that my power is outside myself, trying to get me to believe that I need validation and approval from others, to  self sacrifice, to control things externally,  and trying to cause all sorts of chaos inside me”.

” I see you Ms Depression trying to hold down my potency, not wanting me to speak my truth, wanting me to judge the crap out of myself, wanting me to reject myself and have no self-awareness”.

Guess what guys?…

I don’t need you anymore, you are no longer invited to my party. I have created a new invitation list .. I now have Mr self-love at the top of my list and man is he powerful. I get to stand in my own power, use my inner guidance and create what I want. It feels so good, I feel light free and happy.

YES.. See the difference when you invite in this energy? I also invited Ms Abundance, Mr Fun, Ms Joy, Mr Peace and Mrs Happiness in. They are so fun to party with … and I choose to be in this energy.

So lower vibrational guys, I want you to know, that whilst you thought you served me, to keep me safe, to get love, to feel needed, I actually don’t need you anymore. So when you show up I will call you out and politely return you to from whence you came.

I will be so filled up with who I truly am, there will be no room for wannabes.

What else is possible?



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