Energy shifts – woohoo outcome

I love how we can choose to shift energy and how this shows up so quickly 🎁.   

I had a call from the school, lol, well actually the lady at the front office .. advising that my son said he was feeling like he was going to throw up. 

Okay I said . ‘Can I ask you a question’?  ‘Is the house captain speeches on today?’ ‘Yes they are ‘the lady replied. I said ‘Could  you keep my son at school?’. I know what this is … and explained what I was sensing. 

 I could feel my sons anxiety and most likely he was processing everyone else’s  emotions – god bless him. 

Now none of you do that do you? 😉

The lady advised she would get the deputy principal to support my son and I asked that in this  support the anxiety be called out. Of course if he was sick I was happy to collect him.

We hung up and I could feel the anxiety .. I said to myself .. the universe .. God .. whoever was listening really.. ‘What energy, space and consciousness can I be to hold the space for my son to deliver his speech with ease?’

I said ‘What energy, space and consciousness can my son be to deliver his speech with ease, joy and have so much fun that he laughs about it?’

I did this till I felt the anxiety fall away – it took about five minutes tops!!

I met my son after school and this is what happened.

1. He ran out of school with a huge grin on his face and said mum I nailed the speech. 

2. He read the speech to me with enthusiasm

3. He was elected HOUSE CAPTAIN .

Woohoo .. I am so grateful 

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