Are you highly sensitive or just being aware ?


Hi lovelies

As the Christmas season is upon us, many may believe that the standard Hallmark* Christmas cheer is what everyone is experiencing…happy families, loving relationships,  a wonderful celebration of Jesus being born and everyone getting together and having so much fun. Joy everywhere, people bringing peace on earth…  You get the picture. This is what this reality portrays. Yes, people do experience this BUT… 

What if you were experiencing Christmas differently? What if you were feeling the sadness, the anxiety, despair around this time of year? Feelings of hopelessness? Feeling like not everyone are happy campers!

Have you heard “Don’t take things so personally or seriously?” or “Why are you so sensitive?” “You are so emotional”… “Everyone loves this time of year”… “Why can’t you”?

Whenever, I was told any of those things I felt the unspoken judgement behind those words.  This just added to my view of my self as a wrongness.  Why can’t I be happy? Why can’t I be normal?… lol.. You get the picture I ended up judging myself…


I found through a load of energy healing, self-reflection and asking questions that I was just actually  AWARE of other peoples thoughts, emotions, beliefs and ideas which I thought were my own.

I was picking up others energy and thinking it was mine.

Did you know that most of the thoughts you are picking up aren’t actually yours?  You my lovely, are a psychic sponge. So here is some useful questions to ask when you are feeling the sadness and anxiety… and feeling like a highly sensitive person, which is just a point of view by the way!

Who does this belong to?  Just ask for every thought feeling, emotion you have and if it feels lighter at all, then it’s not yours. And after that, the only thing you have to do is return it to sender with consciousness attached.

You don’t have to bother to find out where it came from – just return it and see what shows up in your life.

Here are some additional useful questions…   Who do I give more value to than my knowing or awareness? Where I have given up my awareness?

So now you know that your point of view could be that you are actually a very aware person, how cool is that.. and you get to create whatever you want in your life.

*Hallmark  are the makers of cards and gifts to celebrate every occasion.

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