Are you dancing to your own tune?


Have there been times in your life where you have sought outside validation rather than going within and listening to your own heart?

I know I have so many times… I ask for  feedback, validation and then when I get the response it sometimes feels crunchy, not congruent with what I feel.. and then I go into judgement of me! Oh I must be wrong, how did I get it so wrong?… If everyone is right then I must be wrong, its me…

One point during my life, I was applying for many jobs, I ‘needed’ paid employment, an income stream, in a particular way, however, I was not receiving any response for my efforts. I started to go into what is wrong with me?

Well that wasn’t working… That question can only show me what is wrong… THEN

I changed tactics…

I asked my body what would you like to receive today? –  a massage!!. So that is what I did. It felt amazing… and I got the time to actually be present  and tuned into my bodies awareness.  I heard stop looking to outside sources, to confirm you are okay, you are already ok, just by being you.

Abundance is a consciousness.

… YOU are that consciousness.

Its not out there its YOU.

I felt the energy of abundance.  This opened me to be aware that what I was asking for may show up in a totally different way. The universe is infinite so why limit my receiving of abundance to a paid nine to five job?

There are infinite possibilities.

What if you chose to receive everything with  no judgement, caring and gratitude for YOU.

What else is possible?

What are you being right now?

Abundance?   YES!













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