Who is listening?

About two months ago …..

I am sitting in a restaurant with my kids, we are waiting  in anticipation for our delicious meals to arrive.   We know the meals  will be delicious .. but that is another story.. an energy story … perhaps….

I said ‘You know, sometimes anger is not even yours’.  My older son… lets call him J… says ‘really, I didn’t know that’. I said ‘Yeah, sometimes it feels like its yours but it’s not. So just ask, ‘who does this anger belong to?… ‘or whatever emotion you are aware of’.  ‘Then, if its not yours, return to sender’.

Last night….

J says: ‘Mum, I felt frustrated when L (his brother) walked into the room’. ‘ I didn’t feel frustrated before so I think its his frustration!’  I noticed J’s whole  energy change when he didn’t take it on as his, and returned it to sender. Who is listening?

Two minutes ago ….

L said ‘Mum , you know how we were talking about energy and who does it belong to?’ ‘Yes’ I said.’Well I think it’s this kids at school. His energy well he is so angry, and I’m taking it on as mine’. Great awareness. 

On another note, I got the awareness that in this reality, there is a point of view that kids are expensive, that its all one way, when you have kids its all about them.  I checked into see if I was making that true for me.. agreeing and aligning with that point of view. 

What if your kids were a contribution to you and your life? What if you acknowledged and were grateful for that contribution? What would that create in your life?  

Who is listening?




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