A conscious choice, an experiment with love


Recently, I decided to make a conscious choice… in each moment to be in the energy of love. Be in the flow of love.

Wow, so much cool stuff showed up –  my life flowed, synchronicities occurred and opportunities were offered… I love this vibe!!

When stuff showed up, that I didn’t prefer, I just made a choice to add love and new possibilities occurred – it changed my perspective.

It’s a matter of thinking of something you love and directing it towards something else. This is how you can do it – Think of something you love! It could be your favourite pet, your partner, the beach, your children, having a bath, painting or exercising – whatever rocks your boat. Then imagine you are doing that, imagine how you feel, what you sense, how your body feels, what do you see, what do you taste. Get that feeling and then say to yourself – I love, I love, I love. Really get the sense of that inside you.  It could take some practice as often we are operating from lower vibes such as anger, fear and survival energy.

Keep going, it can be fun, if you choose!

Once you feel the love energy in your body, imagine projecting that love energy into your day and what you are doing now. Think I love, I love, I love. You can think of your car and feel so much gratitude and love for it keeping you safe and getting to where you need to go. You can think of being stuck in traffic on the way to work and think I love, I love, I love. This is so cool, I get to choose how I feel about this. Seriously it works, and it’s just a choice.

Anytime I feel a sneaky fear feeling coming up at any given moment, I choose to turn toward the energy of love,  and have that energy guide my actions.  I can feel that it is becoming my natural state.

Anytime you feel low vibe energy, go back to imagining your scene of love and say to yourself I love, I love, I love.

This is what has happened for me:

  • My son received free doctor treatment that usually costs around $500;
  • I attended an appointment with my son in a place I have never been before. The receptionist came out and greeted me with such joy. It turned out that she was a former client who I helped begin her healing journey. She told me she couldn’t find the words to express how grateful to have met me and how it changed her life;
  • I went for an interview, and once I had finished the interview, within an hour I was offered the job; and
  • my younger son opens my car door for me and closes it – I know it’s the little things right!

Those are just a few of  the lovely things that have occurred.

Love gets reflected right on back at you!











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