I help people:DD-05142016-0O1A7632.jpg

  •            create their version of happiness 
  •            become balanced
  •            re-invent themselvesSmiling little boy in the sea
  •           connect to their heart
  •           be in their power 
  •           stop having crappy     relationships
  •           manifest change     sea star and shells on the sandy beach

         have a drama free makeover

         stop sabotaging themselves

         resolve issues with kids

         I help  middle aged women create an amazing future

        for themselves

         I help women who want to change to live a life they love

         I help abused women stop the abuse

         Clear money blocks 

         I help mothers with their  babies

         I help women stop sending themselves on a guilt trip

         I help women who choose loser boyfriends choose

         themselves for a change


Help me, help you …..

 I can help with stress reduction, resolving issues, providing different perspectives, help you choose other options, help you trust what you sense,  be happy, self love and help you become yourself

Eliminate: doubt, not being seen, overwhelm, gossip, procrastination, negative language and bad relationships, blame, anger, fear of success, post traumatic stress disorders and depression

Many Blessings

Lisa Dzaja